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This is a quite rare Whitefriars U.S.A. Bicentennial Flag weight dated 1776 and 1976 (edition size 150 of which this is number 57). We spotted this in an auction included with a batch of other paperweights with a very low estimate. Photographs and a condition report on the weights revealed the reason for the low estimate. The were three horrible deep bruises on the edges of the facets - somebody must have been using it as a hammer or missile! The worst can be seen at 6 o'clock in the top photo, the others were lower on the weight. Never seeing it offered before in the UK we put in a low bid and got the lot, hoping we might be able to get it restored. Through the good offices of Bob Hall we got it to somebody who has made a marvellous job of restoring the paperweight without losing too much glass or losing the original character of the weight. This has been done by making the side facets a bit larger and slightly concave and elliptical. Short of matching it alongside another example you would be hard put to it to say it had been altered.

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