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"2 incredibly rare paperweights. Forming an odd and historically significant pair both these paperweights are one off experimental pieces produced specifically at the request of Geoffrey Baxter. As is now well known Baxter was a great experimenter and also hated waste. Here then are two experimental millefiori weights (datecaned 1978) both with AQUA glass. Both weights are different sizes and also have different mixes and production methods of utilizing the new aqua colour.

The larger weight: facet cut millefiori with 1978 date cane.

The smaller weight: facet cut millefiori with 1978 date cane.

My research into these weights has revealed that the most likely explanation is that Baxter instructed Big Ronnie Wilkinson to make the weights to see whether aqua had potential in paperweights and to then leave the weights on his desk. This was duly done with the engraving to distinguish between the different production techniques and colour mixes. After consideration the weights were then moved to the Factory shop and sold off - as per the norm with experimental items."

Photographs by permission of stylish_buy.

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