The Paperweight Mall
Caithness Glass started making paperweights in 1969 and are still making them today. Quite an achievment when during thus period many other paperweight makers have come and gone. They have had over the years many talented and innovative paperweight makers and designers and the numbers and types of weights produced has been very large. Because their output of 'bread-and-butter' paperweights has been so large some purist collectors tend to look down on their weights and over the last ten years values have come off their peak. What they forget is that the affordable Caithness paperweights have got many people started on the paperweight hobby and also that some of the small edition weights are of a very high quality. There are always plenty of Caithness weights available for sale and not infrequently good bargains can be had. The availability of the Charlton Standard Catalogue of Caithness paperweights is very helpful to collectors in knowing what is what. It is a pity the illustrations in it are mostly poor and idealy one needs to use it in conjunction with Caithness brochures issued over the years.

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